To give an accurate price for a designs can only be achieved after discussing with you the size, designs of balloons, type of ballooons i.e. foil, bubbles or latex balloons and how many you require. Additional charges are made for personalising balloons, tulle, organza and any other additional extras.


Gift Wrapping is available.


I have add the prices for the balloons shown to give you an idea of the cost.  

We do deliver Free locally, a charge is made over a distance of 10 miles from Goffs Oak.


Prices for Latex Balloon Bouquets
11" latex balloons  with ribbon and weight  treated with Hi-Float  to last longer                              x 1 balloon with no weight                       £1.00 No Hi-Float
                                    x1 balloon with ribbon and weight                  £1.50                                                  x 3 Balloons Bouquet Latex             £6.75     
                                           x 4 balloons   Latex Balloons                     £8.75                                                                                        x 5 Balloons Bouquet Latex   5                           £10.75                                                   x 7 Balloons Bouquet Latex               £16.25 
x 9 Latex Balloons                                 £18.75     
     x10 Balloons Bouquet Latex                               £23.25                
Foil Bouquets
                                                                                                                          Plain Foils           Print Foils                                
x 2 latex plus 1  18" foil balloon     £7.75             £8.50
 x 3 latex plus 2  18" foil balloons    £13.00           £15.00
Foil Balloon Bouquets
18" Hearts or Rounds or 20" Stars
                                                                              18" Hearts/Rounds   20" Stars
                                          Three Balloons Bouquet           £10.50                     £11.50
                                           Four Balloons Bouquet            £13.50                     £14.50
                                          Five Balloons Bouquet             £17.00                     £18.50
                                          Six   Balloons Bouquet             £20.50                     £ 21.60
                                       Seven Balloons Bouquet             £25.00                      
Double Bubble Bouquets
The Bouquet consists of 16" Clear Balloon
each with an 11: Balloon inside:
Balloons can be attached to Ribbon,Tulle or Balloon Collars.
These designs are made to match your colour scheme.
                                                                                      Ribbon          Tulle
                                     Three Balloons Bouquet           £19.95        £21.00 for Table Displays
                                      Five Balloons Bouquet            £29.95        £32.00    for floor displays                                 
5 balloon bouquet
Gumball Balloon Bouquets
Each Balloon consists of 20" Bubble Balloons each with five small Balloons inside 
The Ideal Table Decoration
                              Ribbon  plus weight
                                       One Balloon                            £15.99     
                       24" Bubble Balloon each with 9 small balloons inside   
                                           One Balloon                        £19.99
Confetti Balloon Bouquets
16" Clear Balloons filled with Flutter Fetti
                                          Three 16" Balloons Bouquet         £15.50             
                                          Five 16: Balloons Bouquet            £25.50
                                          Seven 16" Balloons Bouquet        £30.50
                                          Ten 16" Balloons Bouquet            £38.00
Bubble Balloons
Bubble balloons are made from plastic and last for up to two weeks if not longer.

Plain Decor Bubbles come in two sizes 20" and 24". 

They can be personalised, a message and picture of your choosing can be add. A selection of colours are available.

We can add confetti, feathers, small balloons or Small foils inside the bubble balloon.


Contact us for more information.

Large Numbers and Letters
£10.00 each

Rose Gold now available.

Colours available, gold, Silver, Blue and rose gold.

Choose from balloon collars, ribbon bows or tassels, these are included in price.


Arches can enhance a buffet/cake table with a string of pearls arch, or a double bubble arch. Suitable for weddings and parties. Large or small they can make a real impact.

A String of Pearls Arch

11" String of Pearls Arch from £35.00

Link Arches

Link Arches from £30.00

Columns Linked with a Single Pearl Arch

This arch is ideal for use at the entrance to the venue.

From £90.00

Swirl Arches

Swirl Arches are ideal for indoor and out doors, they can create a great impact at parties , weddings and for corporate events.

From £100.00

Cloud Nines

Cloud Nine are ideal for the top table or buffet table. You can select one cloud as in the picture with double bubbles or 3, 4 or 5 clouds connected with colour co-ordinated tulle.

3 Clouds £75.00

4 Clouds £100.00

5 Clouds £125.00

Topiary Trees

Topiary Trees make beautiful Centrepieces for any occasions, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Christenings and Birthday Parties.

A Wedding Centre Piece

From £20.00 per table centre piece.

Topiary Trees

Floor standing Topiary Trees From £30.00

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